THE FALL RESET: a yoga retreat

Pocono Summit, PA
October 5-7th, 2018


When you think of fall, you may think of quieting down, relaxing into the change of seasons and shifting your mind and body into the much needed rest and digest phase after a long, busy summer season.
The Fall Reset has been crafted for just this. Here you check in, how has your year been? What has been good or maybe not so good and how can you refocus yourself to realign with your goals and dreams, what tools can help you and what does this all mean?
As we shift seasons we can create more time to shift into what we are trying to manifest in our own personal lives. The power of change is yours and you can truly create the magic you are seeking. This retreat is for refocusing which will allow you to  you hone in on your personal skills and desires. 

New to Yoga/a Yoga Retreat? No worries, Retreats are actually an optimal time to start, learn and grow. From beginners to well practiced Yogi's, these Resets allow for the proper balance in time, intimacy in size and space to practice and inquire with ourself and the teacher. 

*Reset Retreats happen seasonally and each is a build up of the previous one, to see the absolute benefits it is suggested that you go to each seasonal Reset. This will allow you the optimal benefits and act as a self check in, think of it as maintenance. Each one draws back to the previous one, yet builds on the next.


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you” -Anne Lamott


Poconos Retreat-yoga room.jpg


This home is a charming modern retreat lake house tucked away in the Poconos, just under 2 hours from NYC! With a private backyard and an all natural wood deck it makes for true privacy and relaxation while enjoying the picturesque beauty of the lake situated directly across the street (which will essentially act as our almost private lake during our stay!)  Relax with the fire place indoors or by the fire pit outdoors-or better yet in the yoga/meditation room (featured partially to your left!) This house is near by to many hiking trails, wine vineyards and majestic mountains making for the perfect retreat. 

Location: Pocono Summit, PA

Arrival: Friday October 5th, 3:00pm
Departure: Sunday October 7th, 4:00pm

*Transportation is the only thing NOT included in the cost. If you need alternative ways for arrival + departure please contact PineappleYogi.


Your Reset Package


  • Intimate reset yoga classes: these are classes that have been created around poses that help our body and mind reset, you will leave understanding why the poses and class style has been selected (4-5 classes total)
  • Welcome package
  • Meditation
  • Yin yoga + Vinyasa yoga 
  • The Reset Workshop: the Fall Reset Retreat focuses primarily on the change of season which directly corresponds to the changes we may encounter, learning how to work through changes, shed layers, and welcome the new while cleansing ourselves of the old. 
  • 2 nights , 3 days
  • Reset with clean, nourishing, wholesome meals made with fresh, organic ingredients. All included and prepared on site. Curated by a brought in dietician/chef. Able to work with dietary needs and restrictions
  • Sacred Fire Circle at night: topic chosen specifically for this retreat 
  • Guided meditative hike/walks on the lake front 
  • New friends and a supportive open community 
  • WiFi
  • Fresh towels and linens
  • Surprise activity/workshop :)

About Our Chef:


Chef Tina DeJesus graduated from Le Cordon Bleu where she learned the art of French cuisine. Tina self-educated herself on nutrition and plant based cuisine mastering healthy cooking. Through Tina’s professional training in classic French cuisine and career as a chef in fine dining as well as her own vegetarian cooking she learned to create recipes to suit any healthy lifestyle. She focuses on bringing out the natural flavors of basic ingredients.

Tina has joined us in previous Yoga Retreats and we look forward to having her back! To learn more about Tina, click the photo to your left and head to her website!



Poconos Retreat-master king (2).jpg

PACKAGE 1: The King Master Exclusive


  • Exclusive private master bedroom
  • One king lux bed
  • For 1-2 people (inquire to share with 3 people total and use couch for sleeping!)

1A) Private Room: $980
1B) Shared Bed/Room: $735/person



Poconos Retreat-room 2 double queen beds-shared room.jpg

PACKAGE 2: The Queen Duo


  • Shared spacious room
  • Two queen beds
  • For 2-4 people

2A) Personal Bed: $725
2B) Shared Bed: $555/person


Poconos Retreat-room 4 shared room bunks.jpg

PACKAGE 3: The Quatro


  • Shared room 
  • Two full bunk beds 
  • Two queen bunks beds
  • For 2-6 people (good to join with a friend or meet new friends :)) 

3A) Personal Full Bed: $560
3B) Personal Queen Bed: $610
3C) Shared Queen Bed- $420/person




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$300 Deposit

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  • Select your package option and bed type
  • Your spot will be held for you once payment is received

Remaining Balance

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  • All payments must be paid in full by Wednesday, September 19th, 2018


Refund Policy: the final day to cancel and get a refund of your package cost minus $300 is September  19th, 2018.


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